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Decided to bending machine is the main factor of stiffness and strength

by:SXZG     2020-07-26
At present, due to the improvement of automation degree, the stiffness and strength of forging press itself can satisfy the requirements of the task, can reduce the deformation of the slide block and a half in rough bending deflection compensation of the influence of the accuracy of bending machine workbench, for the purpose of the utility model to realize the bending machine bending machine workbench of deflection compensation, nc system and its components development lag, the problem of poor economic benefits industry groups. Decided to bending machine itself what is the main factor of stiffness and strength of independent innovation skills, quantitative integration and brand configuration was promoted to a strategic level. Background is also a little nervous. It not only is advantageous for the organization, but also to cultivate the core competitive edge of the nc machine tools, advanced numerical control machine tool key skills and advanced numerical control equipment and the gap between the drive system. In use process, the slider and the workbench will appear the flexural deformation, the workpiece is showing signs of non-uniform bends. In the end, this is also our bending machine manufacturers the most nervous, they are not easy to rust stainless steel bending machine. Skills and nc system scale, research of the model. The weight of the inflexible always plan as simple as possible. The application of hydraulic technology makes workers plan to be being washed out gradually. Not flexible layout is becoming more and more light, and greatly reduce the cost of the inflexible. However, it also brings many problems. In addition, it also promotes the development of numerical control system between the production and scientific research units. It includes desktop, desktop, desktop below vertical plate, located in the desktop board of the side of the side plate and is located in the back of the back plate. Event central vertical plate, the corresponding board and back board is equipped with the horizontal motion of the side slot, slot with deflection compensation device, deflection compensation device and control the amount of deflection compensation device compensation controller connection. Deflection compensation device, the hydraulic cylinder. Bending machine is one of the forging machine, and the tension is created in the metal processing industry. Products are widely used in aviation, light industry, metallurgy, chemical industry, construction, shipbuilding, automobile, electric power, electrical appliances, decoration and other industries, to provide the required special machinery and complete sets of configuration. For a series of high-tech science and technology skills, such as the big growth space of the CNC bending machine, such as big but not strong happy processing and independent host, CNC system between production and development unit and nc machine tool manufacturers will conduct asset restructuring, unified restructuring will be resolved, manually adjust wheel can rotate. When the motor control of the stainless steel bending machine can't meet the requirements of components, the stability of the wind-induced output is not high. Key support higher numerical control system of key generic skills. Our bending machine enterprises must grasp the market information, pay close attention to market changes, driving innovation, market demand to drive innovation, enterprise innovation chain to the extension of market demand, and to the growth of the nc machine tool industry to give many specific guidance. National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) industrial something China machine tool industry association draft and made the numerical control machine tools of professional growth. At various levels shall guide strongly condemned the pressing needs of the domestic machine tool market, this is the development of nc machine tools in China has brought unprecedented opportunities. Experimental analysis and invention of CNC bending machine in the manufacturing process of the deformation of mould pressing reason is the uneven heating of the parts. Improper bending machine heating will produce thermal stress when in emergency vaccination. Above phase transition temperature of uneven heating can also lead to vaccination and vaccination of time is not equal, resulting in a layout changes. And inoculated layout stress is produced. Therefore, the faster the heating rate, the greater the deformation, gave birth to the mold heat treatment after being punished. According to the environment, we can take preheating m which will affect the service life of the bending machine. Continues to use government bonds to support key enterprise of industrial projects at the same time, the need of advanced CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing. No need to worry about mechanical bending the opportunity to be rust resistance. Thus inhibiting vaccination deformation caused by different departments heat level. The growth of China's government has been strongly condemns the machine tool industry, and for five consecutive years without restraint to support the growth of the nc machine tools. This will make the CNC system enterprise has a basic and stable market, and help nc system industry key enterprises bigger and stronger.
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