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CO2 laser cutting machine maintenance

by:SXZG     2020-08-13
The first. Startup does not perform any operation: fault phenomenon: the main power switch indicator light is not bright, the main light is not bright, panel does not display, motor drive light is not bright, machines have a hum. Failure reason: the main power supply poor contact, DC power supply is damaged, control panel, motor drive failure. Test method: 1. Visual check the indicator lights on the machine, observe the fault location, the main power switch indicator light is not bright, check whether the 220 v input power is poor contact or power insurance whether to burn out, leds on the mainboard or wouldn't light control panel does not display, check the DC5V and 3. 3 v output power is normal, check whether the 36 v power output is normal. Pay attention to the power supply is normal, disconnect any output power fuses, judgment is a power failure or fault by the power supply parts. 2. All the display is normal. If you can hear the hum of the obvious, it must be a mechanical failure. Push the car and beams is smooth, do you have any obstacles. 3. Check whether the motor shaft fracture, synchronous wheel is loose. 4. Check the connection to the motherboard driver block ( Equipment) Wire or plug is well connected. In the second. Start is not shown, button without action: fault phenomenon: start the panel did not show, button failure or doesn't work. Failure reason: display control block abnormal power supply, control line contact undesirable, key mold failure. Test method: 1. Restart the machine, check the beam and the car is normal reset. If no action, according to no action start failure processing. 2. When the machine starts and normal reset, press the direction key and function keys on the machine panel, see if they are normal, the key is whether can automatic reset, if there were any adhesion. 3. Check whether the connection joint on the crystal display control is loose.
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