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CNC bending machine start up pressure on the causes of failure

by:SXZG     2020-08-09

to electro-hydraulic servo machine tool CNC bending machine wadden series, for example, when bending machine boot without pressure, can through the following ways to troubleshoot.

1。 Make sure there are plenty of hydraulic oil tank. 2. Check whether the power supply of the connection of 380 v3. If motor reversal. 4. If the reversal of exchange in which 2 power cords. 5. If you are turned, check whether the signal cables of the numerical control system good contacts. 6. Detect whether the oil pump damage. 7. Detection of pressure gauge is damaged. 8. There are no signal or blocked test pressure control valve. 9. Detection of proportional valve is stuck, stuck can lead to slider without slowing down.
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