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CNC bending machine safety operation procedures

by:SXZG     2020-08-03
Strictly abide by the machine work safety operation procedures and wear labor protection articles according to the rules. Shall be carefully check before they start motor, switch, line and grounding is normal and strong, check the equipment control station, the button is in the correct position. Check the contact ratio of upper and lower mold and robustness; Check whether the positioning device meets the requirement of processed. In has not been on board and the positioning shaft at the origin of state, run back to the origin program. Equipment starts running 1 & ndash; 2 minutes, skateboard full stroke movement 2 & ndash; 3 times, if found to have abnormal sound or defective should immediately stop, troubleshooting, all rear can normal work. Should be unified command by 1 person at work, make the operation personnel in close coordination with the feeding suppression of personnel, to ensure that together with the staff members in safe place party must signal bending. Sheet metal bending must compaction, in case when bending sheet metal cock cuts. Must cut off power supply when the sheet metal die, after the stop. Under the change of variable mold opening, not allowed to have any contact with the lower die. Machine tools, machine tools are not allowed to stand at the back of the people. It is forbidden to separate sheet metal at one end of the compressive and flexural strength. Found the workpiece during operation or mould is not straight, should stop correction, it is forbidden to run with hand correction in case of hurting hands. Ban fold the ultra thick iron or steel, high alloy steel, square steel quenching far and more than the performance of sheet metal bending machine sheet metal, so as not to damage the machine. Check the contact ratio of the upper and lower mould; Pressure gauge indicates whether conform to the rules. An exception occurs immediately stop, check the reason and ruled out in time. Before the shutdown, want to be in on both sides of the cylinder at the bottom of the lower die on placing block will slide down to block. After exit the program control system, first cut off power supply.
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