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CNC bending machine is in use when need to pay attention to

by:SXZG     2020-08-06

we must first understand what is CNC bending machine, it is short for electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine, the character is: SDS series; With a professional CNC system; Servo motor; A hydraulic proportional valve.

use CNC bending machine with old-fashioned torsional axis synchronous bending machine is a big difference.

with SDS series electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine as an example, the need to pay attention to when using places are: 1, the new situation, the first to test for a slider parallelism, and debug to use standard. 2, the block behind refers to the degree of parallelism, usually 3. Within 2 meters of the bending machine has 2 block, block refers to the front to keep on a plane. 3, the main motor to keep forward, if the reversal of the hydraulic pump output. 4, guardrail shut in place, the parts can't stand people behind, pay attention to personal safety. 5, boot can find reference point. 6, when the mold library entry, pay attention to the parameter input is correct, otherwise it will lead to bending Angle is incorrect. 7, programming, attention to modify the material, thickness and length; Mould right up and down. 8, the deflection compensation will run automatically, if the compensation is not allowed, need to manually compensation value in the numerical control system, don't go to adjust the mould clamping Angle iron. 9, Angle calibration, when bending no need Angle calibration. 10, non-professional personnel don't go to debug the mould clamping Angle iron in the middle of the position. After 11, keep-off cannot hit too hard, otherwise behind must be readjusted parallelism.

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