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CNC bending machine how to use in order to prolong life

by:SXZG     2020-08-08

CNC bending machine is divided into two kinds: torsional axis synchronous bending machine, bending machine electro-hydraulic synchronization.

electro-hydraulic synchronous bending machine to machine tools, for example, in terms of how to extend the service life of the machine. 1. Although it has the function of intelligent partial load resistance but not partial load for a long time! Don't partial load for a long time! Don't partial load for a long time! Important things said three times, especially when bending plate is prohibited to use partial load, otherwise light bending of motionless, or will cause the most serious consequences & ndash; — Frame deformation. 2. Add the lubricating oil in the shaft on a regular basis. 3. After the keep-off cannot hit too hard, otherwise behind must be readjusted parallelism. 4. In bending machine slot to corresponding thickness is used, otherwise easy to jump. 5. Non-professional workers do not go to debug the mould clamping Angle iron in the middle of the position.
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