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CNC bending machine and circuit of current worth learning

by:SXZG     2020-08-01
For CNC bending machine, including dc motor cannot simply be understood as not pure resistance circuit. It is necessary to distinguish between pure resistance in terms of energy conversion circuit and not purely resistive circuit. If both ends after the applied voltage to the dc motor, the motor rotating, there will be as a mechanical power. At this time, the circuit is purely resistive circuits, some circuit ohm's law no longer apply. If the motor does not turn, no will be mechanical power, all power in the loss of the internal energy. At that time, is a pure resistance circuit. Therefore, based on the analysis of circuit problem, we should pay attention to the energy point of view, this will make clear, solve the problem well. CNC bending machine bending machine coil electricity, power line, pressure plate and the base between the clamping piece. Because bending machine inherits the electromagnetic force clamping, so solid plate can do many things and conditions, which can be used to work with wall artifacts. Here is the most important installation parts proportional relief valve and the maximum pressure cut-off valve. And as the premise of liquid filling valve valve position monitoring directional control valve. Proportional relief valve according to the given value of digital controller set the stamping pressure, the biggest linked to parallel manual pressure overflow valve is responsible for the whole system insurance, especially the digital controller on the pump set value is too high. Main control block is mainly composed of important proportional directional valve, reversing valve position monitoring and back pressure components. Proportional directional valve plays a key role in the bending machine, it decided with digital controller with curved beam direction, speed, accuracy and positioning accuracy. At present, the series of control block is equipped with a built-in electronic components of the proportional direction valve, digital controller can directly control valve, according to the customer request without any leakage. To fast forward oil suction valve is responsible for the rodless cavity filling, and from the rodless cavity flow of oil return back to the oil. The above two control block and control block 3 & ndash; — Pump control block constitute a complete three control block structure. With the charging valve in the middle of the two main CNC bending machine control block directly installed on the hydraulic cylinder, implements the main control block and no pipe connection between the hydraulic cylinder cavity. In the development of CNC bending machine technology, enterprises in the market as the guidance, strengthening technical management, long-term exchanges and cooperation with academic institutions, hire experts and professors for technical guidance. CNC bending machine enterprises pay attention to the development and utilization of human resources, to establish resources talent, improve the depth of talent cultivation mechanism.
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