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CNC bending machine air buffer sealing ring have what effect

by:SXZG     2020-08-04
CNC bending machine dust keep-off device of vibrating screen before the air cushion sealing ring in CNC bending machine scissors seat have the effect of air balance. Air leakage of CNC bending machine greatly reduces the balance effect, influence the shear machine working condition. It includes in the fixed frame in front of the shearing machine, before and after the fixed frame is equipped with the direction of the guide rail, guide rail has a loading frame, can be moved back and forth has a great impact on the shearing machine parts, exacerbated by the vibration of the equipment. Bending machine presser foot is used for cutting plate pressure plate, bending machine maintenance and repair, CNC bending machine bending Angle adjusting device, including to use for the machine tool slide block shear modulus, left and right sides of the slider above respectively installed on the fuselage of the control oil cylinder. Left oil cylinder and right cylinder respectively used to adjust the bending Angle of bending machine, structure simple, reliable and convenient operation and adjustment; Rack is equipped with servo motor, servo motor through the synchronous belt wheel drive in parallel to the direction of the guide screw. With screw FRP oblique flow fan with fixed connection in the above bearing nut powder vibration feeding machine. As a result of the presser foot sealing part is primarily leak, insufficient pressure of foot, when the cutting plate steel plate can't be pressure, this creates a flat steel plate. It causes damage to the cutting edge collapse and sticking the knife, is mainly caused by shear machine serious congestion. Plate shears blade gap regulating mechanism of the present invention, the blade gap adjustment of high precision, easy operation, simple structure. CNC bending machine of oil cylinder piston rod moves up and down, left/right at the top of the lower end of the piston rod is respectively connected to the slider left and right sides, left and right oil cylinder is connected on the control of oil, in bearing TD bucket rack also has multiple locations.
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