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Blank should consider when the choice of factors, Shearing machine)

by:SXZG     2020-08-13
( 1) Parts of the mechanical property requirements for materials and parts material processing properties and mechanical properties is roughly determines the kind of blank. Such as cast iron parts with casting blank; Steel parts when shape is simple, and often used mechanical performance requirements is not high bar, for important steel parts, in order to obtain good mechanics performance, should choose forgings, when shape complex mechanical performance requirements is not high in steel; Commonly used material or casting blank non-ferrous metal parts. ( 2) Large parts of the structure shape and dimension and the structure is relatively simple parts blank multi-purpose sand casting or free forging; The blank multi-purpose complex casting; Small parts can use forging or casting blank; Multi-purpose forging blank plate steel parts; The blank shaft parts, if steps were small diameter, available bar; If the step size is large, the appropriate choice of forgings. ( 3) Production platform, the size of a large number of mass production, the accuracy should be adopted and productivity are higher blank manufacturing methods. Modelling of casting by metal mould machine and precision casting, forging die forging and precision forging. In single piece or small batch production with wooden handmade molding free forging to create blank. ( 4) Existing production conditions to determine the blank, it must be combined with the specific production conditions, such as the actual field blank manufacturing level and ability, the possibility of outsourcing, etc. , otherwise it is not reality. ( 5) Make full use of new technology, new material to save material and energy, improve the machining productivity, should fully consider the precision casting, precision forging, cold rolling, cold extrusion, powder metallurgy, steel and engineering plastics and its application in mechanical, such, can greatly reduce the mechanical processing capacity, don't even need to carry on the processing, the economic benefit is very significant.
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