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Bending machine mold die fine grinding is very important

by:SXZG     2020-08-01

it is well known that the bending machine mould processing and shaping must experience from blank to two coarse grinding and fine grinding process. Coarse grinding is forging blank processing into mould approximate shape, margin, low accuracy. The main functions of the fine grinding is bending machine mould processing to the drawings, specifications and precision. Precision grinding technology affect the quality of mold products. Therefore, pure bending machine mould is decided then flye bending machine mold factory, whether the key working procedure. It should be stressed,

, fine grinding and grinding are two different grinding methods. Several times more expensive than the fine grinding of grinding. Bending machine mold manufacturers generally do not choose to grinding to produce or repair mould. Bending machine mold die part fine grinding is the key to die shank ( Clip mouth) And the blade. In the two parts of fine grinding process, there are many details need to pay attention to. Die handle part ( The clamping mouth) : the first thing to note is, no matter whether there is a clamping groove, clamping mouth base thickness is 13 mm. In the process of fine grinding, the tolerance should be kept in the / - 0. Within 5 mm. The thickness of the grip is too big, installing a bending machine mold, mold is easy to pull forward edge out of the bearing surface mould due to the bending damage is very big, the thickness of the grip is too small, upper die when installation is not fixed, reduced pressure, bending mode is easy to fall off. Second note bearing surface, the surface has a high degree of parallelism and smoothness, bending mold force uniform, mould wear small, prolong service life. Bending machine mould finishing grinding blade part of the upper die: blade part of the fine grinding is processed. When the fine grinding, the upper die, Section or whole) Fixed on the special tooling fixture, by making small adjustments to keep three side of the blade in the same level, and then through the grinding wheel dressing to the Angle specified by the drawings. All the preparatory work is completed, should be 0. 02 mm/time feed speed to carry on the fine grinding, and continuous measurement tool in the process of machining precision and at the ends of the parallel degree. If there is no standard parts, repair and grinding wheel, grinding wheel again at the same time, maintain the consistency of the grinding wheel and sharpness, accord with a standard to ensure the fine grinding mold edge. I believe many people also through detailed explanation of the refining process of the bending machine die, understand the importance in the process of refining process in the mold production. A good pulping machine and a good pulping machine can greatly improve the accuracy of bending machine mold and qualified rate, and also can be folded in half bending machine mold manufacturers strength verification
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