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Bending machine maintenance and troubleshooting

by:SXZG     2020-08-14
All operation and maintenance personnel of the machine, must be carefully read and understand this manual carefully, as long as strictly in accordance with the requirements of this specification, then will get satisfactory result. 1. The machine must have the specialist is responsible for, the operator must be familiar with the use of the machine tool and knowledge of safe operation. 2. Artifacts are not allowed to be greater than the nominal bending force. 3. To make the mould durable, don't because of bending sheet length is shorter, the system pressure and damage, especially short bending sheet metal, machine working pressure should be properly reduced, to ensure the workpiece length per 100 mm bending force does not exceed 100 kn. 4. By bending sheet thickness at the beginning of the upper and lower die clearance, its clearance than big thickness 1 mm or so, so not crush mold because of the gap is too small. 5. Bending sheet metal should be in the middle of the machine tool, the general should not be partial load, lest affect bending effect and precision of machine tools, such as some of the artifacts is really necessary, unilateral process load shall not be greater than the nominal pressure of a quarter, and on both sides must be folded plate at the same time, in order to avoid unilateral loading machine. 6. Hydraulic oil tank within N46, used for the first time a month after the change must be filtered, no more than one year after the replacement. 15 - normal working oil temperature 60 ℃, and often clean oil suction mouth mesh type oil filter, keep clear of oil absorption, otherwise the pump will absorb air, make the machine produces vibration and noise. 7. This machine adopts dispersing lubrication, refer to figure 12 daily work to all lubricating points lubrication.
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