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Bending machine filter of small knowledge!

by:SXZG     2020-08-02

bending machine is a very common industrial control equipment, but the requirement to the operation of the workers is very high, especially for some large workpiece bending, sometimes need to two or more people operate at the same time, therefore, mastering bending machine operation method is a good operator must master.

filter bending machine is used to remove the impurity in the medium, to protect the normal use of valves and equipment. How often do then change the filter is suitable? How long does it take to clean a better bending machine? According to the key points of synchronous, hydraulic bending machine can be divided into a torsional axis, machine liquid and electro-hydraulic synchronization. Hydraulic bending machine according to the movement main point can be divided into up and down. In the maintenance or cleaning before bending machine, mold should be aligned with the lower die, then lay down and close, until end of things. If you need to start or other purposes, shall be manually choose model, and make sure the mute. Over the phase transformation temperature uneven heating can also lead to the layout change of time is not equal, layout are produced by stress. Any metal heat expansion. When the steel is heated, the same heavy bending machine mould all parts of the uneven temperature ( The uneven heating) Will surely lead to the uneven expansion of the all parts of the die steel, so as to form the internal stress due to uneven heating. Under below the transition point temperature of the steel, uneven heating and thermal stress emergency inoculation. Therefore, the faster the heating rate, the appearance of large bending machine mold, the bigger the temperature difference between the core and the stress, the greater the mold heat treatment after inoculation of deformation, the greater the so of hydraulic bending machine filter used to eliminate the impurity in the medium, the normal use of to cover both the valve and its configuration. When hydraulic bending machine filter is better than force change? 1. Every time an oil change, or thoroughly clean the filter should be replaced. 2. Other filters, such as machine tools related alarm or dirty oil quality is very unusual, should be replaced. 3. And the air filter tank shall be once every 3 months inspection and cleaning, it is best to 1 year at a time. Hydraulic bending machine filter replacement is very important for hydraulic bending machine. Correct change will directly affect the service life of hydraulic bending machine, hydraulic bending machine to bring interested companies.
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