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Bending machine can not only twisted axis synchronization will also be able to achieve high precision at the same time

by:SXZG     2020-08-03
Manual bending machine can be divided into mechanical manual bending machine and electric manual bending machine. It not only has the mechanical stop, and there are synchronous torsion shaft and high precision. Choose the minimum tonnage example, the best example is bending half a diameter greater than the thickness of the material. And as far as possible choose hydraulic bending machine bending method. So everyone's understanding of this hydraulic bending machine also is not very good. When the bending machine bending radius is larger, the quality of the finished parts and its application in the future will not be affected. When free torsion hydraulic bending machine, bending diameter is concave die openings from 0. 156 times. Due to exert enough pressure to the front of the male die contact materials, different people have different understanding. Hydraulic bending machine is now widely used in various industries. And a variety of ways and methods to help users to prevent the rebound. Bending machine behind the distance, the slider on the travel, electric adjustment, manual fine tuning device and digital display all display as a whole. In fact, from a different perspective, the bending machine according to the synchronization method can be divided into a torsional axis, machine liquid and electro-hydraulic synchronization. Bending machine overall adopts full steel welding structure, vibration to eliminate stress, high mechanical strength, good rigidity. Hydraulic drive, stable and reliable. Hydraulic bending machine according to the movement mode can be divided into upward and downward. In addition, it should be noted that, in the freedom of hydraulic bending machine and winding process, die opening distance should be 8 times the thickness of the metal material. If the bending radius of the bending machine is smaller than the thickness of the material, you must choose the corner radius is less than the thickness of the material before the punch, and punch must be pressure to the bending method. On the bending die is also equipped with deflection compensation mechanism, so it needs 10 times free bending stress. The deflection compensation mechanism can be used for more than 250 tons and 4000 mm of machine tools.
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