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Bending machine better safety operation rules

by:SXZG     2020-07-27
In recent years, with the rapid development of domestic metal industry, bending machine mold and bending technology also obtained the very good development. At present, many domestic enterprises engaged in sheet metal processing. In order to achieve better development, some companies also actively introduce advanced technology. Only through the use of advanced sheet metal processing technology, they can produce a beautiful, sophisticated products, to gain a larger market. At present, the domestic bending machine mould industry has a huge market and high flexibility. Compared with other similar sheet metal processing equipment, bending machine mould machining is more efficient, better product quality, usually, after the cut metal plate, require bending die, so that the other to obtain the required shape, high quality mould can guarantee the smoothness and accuracy of the product. In addition, in the domestic processing equipment market, the domestic mold occupied the main market share. In addition to domestic die huge price advantage, the enterprise also provide high quality products and mold design and other professional services. In order to adapt to the market, the production of high quality mirror stainless steel appliances, stainless steel kitchen utensils and appliances have cosmetic requirements of products, such as bending machine domestic enterprises design the dedicated without creasing the mould and the indentation bending special protective film. This product can produce all kinds of mirror stainless steel, stainless steel kitchen utensils and appliances, aluminum alloy, aviation materials and other products, its surface quality in line with market demand. Bending machine on the market at present the most commonly used protective film can be used in the production of a variety of demanding stainless steel in the enclosure, get the corresponding protection product surface, have buffer effect between the plate and the lower die, prevent the artifacts produced in creasing in bending, processing technology to demand higher hardware products, best choice is to protect the curved surface of stainless steel, eliminating the polishing process, improve the working efficiency. In order to better prepare for bending machine safety operation procedures, should do the following: 1. Strictly abide by the machine operator safety operation procedures, according to the specified wear labor protection articles. 2. Before starting, check the motor, switches, circuit and grounding is normal, and firm, check whether the operation of the equipment parts and button card in the right place. 3. Check the contact ratio of upper and lower mold and fastness; Check whether the positioning device conform to the requirements of the processing. 4. When on a skateboard and each positioning axis is out of the origin, the program to run back to the origin. 5. After start-up of the equipment will be idle 1 - 2 minutes, skateboard move full schedule 2 - 3 times. If there are any abnormal sound or failure, should immediately stop, troubleshooting. Only after all normal, it can work. 6. At work, one command, make the operation personnel and feeding pressure personnel closely, to ensure that together with the staff in security position signal curve. 7. Plank must compaction when bending, in order to prevent the bending plate material warp and cuts. 8. Board must be cut off power supply when molding, and after the stop work. 9. Change the variable mold opening, don't let any material under the contact mode. 10. Machine is working, no one may stand at the back of the machine tool. 11. Is strictly prohibited in the end only suppress folding plate. 12. Bending during, if it is found that the workpiece or the mould is not correct, should be parked. It is forbidden to use manual bending machine to correct, in case of hand injuries. 13. It is forbidden to fold over thick plate or hardening steel, high alloy steel, square steel, and beyond the plank of machine function, so as not to damage the machine. 14. Check the contact ratio of the lower die; Pressure gauge indicating whether to match the specified. 15. If there are any abnormal immediately stop, check the reason and ruled out in time. 16. Before the downtime, put on both sides of the cylinder block at the bottom of the lower die, will slide down to block. To exit the program control system, after the detection power.
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