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BAM coating has a very high hardness

by:SXZG     2020-08-13
At present, the diamond is still the hardest material known on earth. But the United States department of energy Amos lab researchers have developed a kind of cubic boron nitride ( 立方氮化硼) Rather taller hardness of materials. Amos laboratory announced that they are in collaboration with other research laboratories, universities and enterprises, to develop a can be used in cutting tools and wear parts of high hardness, high toughness, smooth surface coating. For example, the research team is working with tool maker Greenleaf, deposit a long life in its tools coating, to reduce the friction and cutting force, and reduces the energy consumption of the machining required. Amos laboratory researchers in aluminum, magnesium and boron alloy ( AlMgB14) Add a small amount of silica and other additives, developed this kind of material. This compound is not a kind of new material, but its chemical properties has not been fully research clear. This alias for & other; BAM” ( 硼- 铝- 镁) The material showed high hardness & ndash; — 46 gpa ( The equivalent of six. 7× 106 psi) , by contrast, the hardness of CBN is 45 gpa ( The equivalent of six. 5× 106 psi) And the hardness of diamond is gpa (70-100 Equivalent to [ 10. 2-14. 5] × 106 psi) 。 From the perspective of the structure of the basic composition unit of the BAM, it seems unlikely to be a hard material. Basic composition unit of diamond have eight carbon atoms, arranged in a very simple and highly symmetrical structure. And BAM the basic composition unit of the communist party of China has 64 atoms, all experts don't think with the crystal structure of the substance will be very hard. But, in fact, BAM is indeed very hard! Amos laboratory, the researchers explained through the replacement of other elements ( Such as silicon) And the compound complex chemical structure makes it possible to increase its hardness. Researchers in adding silicon material, successfully changed its conditions, make the material hardness is greatly increased. Hardness is not the only performance advantages of this material, wear resistance, toughness and thermal conductivity is also influence the material availability of the important factors in machining. BAM has acquired New Tech Ceramics sales license, the company can provide AlMgB14 series materials. Because AlMgB14 material has good forming ability, manufacturing is relatively easy, the manufacturing cost is low, so in superhard material has strong competitiveness in the market.
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