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As the body of the advanced technology, bending machine how high precision problem

by:SXZG     2020-07-27
In the field of industrial machinery technology, bending machine is the main part of the advanced manufacturing technology. High-precision CNC bending machine, therefore, will further development, so that the proportion of high precision bending machine will continue to increase. Efficiency and quality is advanced manufacturing technology of key performance indicators (kpis). CNC machine core competitiveness will be cultivated, advanced numerical control machine tool key skills gap is very large. As the body of the advanced technology, bending machine how high precision problem in the next few years, ultra-precision CNC bending machine in precision, high speed, intellectualization and nano direction. The user interface is CNC bending machine system and the dialogue between the user interface, formed a new generation of CNC bending machine. CNC bending machine system is equipped with high-performance programmable controller, can be directly use ladder diagram or programming in a high-level language. Most of the bending machine using a highly integrated CPU, RISC chips and large-scale programmable integrated circuit. The graphical user interface should be suitable for all kinds of users, including nonprofessional users. CNC bending machine system USES a new generation of modular design, function is broader, more reliability and can meet the needs of different users. Through the window and the operation of the plate, the existing measures to improve the precision of bending in the bending machine, all kinds of adaptive control system will appear, improve product quality and grade, and shorten the production cycle, improve the market competitiveness. Quantitative integration and independent innovation, brand configuration will ascend to the strategic level. Background is also a little nervous. It is not only convenient to arrangement and multi-axis linkage processing. Parts for the first time after clamping the CNC bending machine, slider and workbench in use process will appear buckling deformation, the processed parts bent uneven phenomenon. The user can according to their own needs and greatly improve the efficiency. Communication is no longer limited to the words and language. Graphics, image and animation visual information can be directly used in CNC bending machine system software secondary development. The weight of the inflexible always plan as simple as possible. Finally, the application of hydraulic technology is our bending machine manufacturers the most nervous. Stainless steel bending machine is not easy to rust. Scale and model as well as the skills of numerical control system research, the use of the user is no longer restricted by manufacturers, which makes the employee plan gradually out of date and not flexible layout is becoming more and more light, which greatly reduce the cost of the inflexible. The workbench levelers located at the top of the table below, is located in the front board and back board of workbench levelers. For automatic tool change, rotary spindle head, rotary worktable, such as operation, complete process, surface composite processing, not only high degree of finish, the same group control system according to the different production process can be automatically flow dynamic adjustment, but also brings many problems. In addition, it promoted the development of numerical control system between production and scientific research units. Including the workbench, it can play the function of group control system, implementation of cross of bending process, such as expert system fault diagnosis expert system programming. Visualization technology can be used in computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing, automatic parameter setting, tool compensation, display and visualization simulation of machining process, etc. It can realize dynamic tracking, graphic simulation and graphic simulation and rapid programming, and other functions. To realize CNC bending machine system integration and standardization, when the system fails, the CPU, memory, position servo, programmable controller, input/output interface, communication and other modules to realize intelligent diagnosis and maintenance, and introduces a new kind of borderline process, many typical bending parts with multi-channel and lateral bending. And it is not suitable for the bending machine processing parts, need to break through the existing bending and flanging process, making an online debugging and editing standard series of products, to build their own applications, a different class of CNC bending machine system, and application-specific integrated circuit chip, and improve the integrated circuit density of CNC bending machine system running speed and the reliability of the system hardware and software, and the further development of special or new bending machine bending machine.
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