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Analysis part drawing - — Part drawing review ( Make)

by:SXZG     2020-08-12
Before making parts machining process planning and manufacturability analysis was carried out on the parts, and puts forward amendments to product detail drawing, is a an important work to make the procedure. First of all should be familiar with the role of parts in the product, the location, the assembly relations and working conditions, to clear up all the technical requirements of parts assembly, the influence of the quality and function performance of find out the main and key technical requirements, and then analyze the part drawing. ( 1) Check the completeness and correctness of the detail drawing after understand parts shape and structure, should check whether the parts view is right, enough, expression is intuitive, clear, drawing is in line with the national standard, size, tolerance and technical requirements of indicate whether complete, reasonable, etc. ( 2) Component analysis of the technical requirements of parts technical requirements include the following aspects: dimensional accuracy of the machining surface; Main processing surface shape accuracy; Main processing surface position accuracy between; The roughness of machined surface and other surface quality requirements; Heat treatment requirements; Other requirements ( Such as dynamic balance, not note the rounded or chamfering, deburring, blank requirements, etc. ) 。 Pay attention to the analysis of the requirements under the premise of guarantee performance whether the economic and reasonable, in the realization of the rights of the existing production conditions. In particular, analysis on the surface of the main technical requirements, because the surface of the main processing technological process to determine the parts outline. ( 3) Parts of material analysis is provided by the state and heat treatment on the mechanical properties of the blank material itself, the blank casting quality and hardness of the parts processed material, if there is a white, sand inclusion, osteoporosis, etc. Judge its processing ease, provide the basis for cutting tool materials and cutting amount. The selected parts material should be economic and reasonable, good cutting performance, to meet the requirements of the using performance. ( 4) Reasonable dimension (1) critical dimensions should be dimensioned directly on the part drawing, and should make process when machining datum and the design datum coincidence, and conform to the principle of the shortest dimension chain. As shown in figure 4 - 1 the size of the ring grooves for critical dimensions, its width should note out directly. (2) the size of the mark on part drawing should be easy to measure, not from the axis, the centerline and imaginary plane dimension is difficult to measure. As shown in figure 4 - 2 the depth of the wheel hub keyway is only convenient for caliper dimension c labelling or measure. (3) the size of the parts on the drawing should not be marked closed, so as to avoid conflict. As shown in figure 4 - 3, I marked the pitch size a± δ And Angle & alpha; ± δ α , the x, y coordinates size can't literally. Sometimes in order to facilitate processing, can be calculated according to the dimension chain, and marked in parentheses, as a reference when machining dimension. (4) the parts not fit on the free size, should as far as possible from the process benchmark in processing order. As shown in figure 4 - Of a gear shaft, 4, a) The representation method of most of the size to the conversion, and cannot be directly measured.
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