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A comprehensive understanding of nc bending machining process

by:SXZG     2020-08-01
In bending machine, there is an urgent need to solve the problem is how to reduce the time to prepare before the actual processing, especially when the products need to be repeated processing. Processing for the first time, have to confirm the drawings, considering the bending sequence and the processing and grinding tool, workpiece and the input to the program. Before the actual processing, the bending process, such as mold be taken into account information. If, however, in a lot of time to edit and complete processing information cannot be effectively call in the next repeat processing, when faced with the same workpiece, the processor need to programming ( Machining process and mold information) 。 Processing the same workpiece and repeat the operation called programming & other; Second repeat operation & throughout; 。 That is to say, every time the same workpieces need to prepare the same time, this is a great waste. Due to the equipment when preparing processing can't production, processing and preparation time of repeated consumption greatly affect the efficiency of equipment production and processing. You can see that the product processing of information transmission is very important to the overall production efficiency effectively. In order to effectively prevent & other; Second repeat operation & throughout; , we need in the combination of production, storage and use of recycled products processing information. Through this positive cycle, equipment to improve the machining efficiency thoroughly and ascension, and improve the benefit of the enterprise, make the enterprise can development more quickly. On RGM2 platform and development of new CNC system has a bend processing information storage function, convenient programming operation is also a highlight of the system. The numerical control system can store 1000 data. By moving the u disk, can easily transmit the data to the same machine series. Bend experience information ( Such as bending sequence, mold type, position setting and matters needing attention, etc. ) Can also be stored in the numerical control system. In the next process, if need be, can modify and save processing information. Even if a similar product processing once every few months, the same process and information can be convenient to call, processing data and information can be flexible to use. Users don't have to repeat this innovative nc system editing process and information, completely changed the hinder efficient production processing mode. By saving the processing procedures and edit the information for the first time, to realize the information sharing of the bending process, improved the processing methods of the practical production. At the same time, effectively avoid the influence of human factors on the machining efficiency, greatly improving the production site operation personnel and equipment production efficiency.
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