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4 Roller CNC Plate Rolling Machine Delivery

4 Roller CNC Plate Rolling Machine Delivery


CNC Sheet Metal Rolling Machine Delivery
Model: W12CNC-8x2000MM

It is widely used in the manufacture of pressure vessels, machinery, hydropower, construction and other industries of the barrel body pre bending, roll round , and also have a function of checking circle and leveling.

Working Principle

The top roller driven by hydraulic motor. Through the friction between the metal plate and the top roller to drive the bottom roller and side rollers rotate. And supply the torque of bending plate.The bottom roller, side roller and drop end are all driven by hydraulic oil tank. The bottom roller move up and down, the side roller move along with an arc. The bottom roller rising to clamp the plate and the side roller title up to pre-bend the end of the plate.

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